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5 Ways A Pipe Camera Inspection Can Save You Money

Pipe camera inspections should be a normal part of your home maintenance plan. Not only can they help troubleshoot drain problems, but they can also be used preemptively to avoid issues. 

1. Discover Early Damage

Many sewer line problems aren't very expensive as long as you catch them early enough. Unfortunately, the problems usually build up so slowly that a homeowner is unaware that there is an issue until major damage is already occurring. An annual pipe inspection will discover problems like tree roots in the line, developing clogs, or breaks in the sewer line when the problem is still small enough to repair easily., 

2. Determine Lining Viability

If your sewer line is near the end of its life or already starting to leak, the cost and destruction necessary for a full line replacement may seem overwhelming. The good news is that you may be able to bypass digging up the line and instead have it relined. Relining doesn't require digging up the yard and is much less expensive compared to traditional sewer line replacement. A pipe inspection is necessary to determine if this is an option.

3. Change Bad Habits

Catching habits that are likely to cause sewer line issues in the future prevents clogs from occurring before they really even start. An annual inspection can reveal issues like certain items building up in the drain line, such as hygiene products or grease. Having this knowledge on hand means you can make sure no one in the household continues to put damaging items down the drains or toilets. 

4. Prevent Digging Disasters

If you are planning any major landscaping or yard projects that require digging, even if it is just planting a few trees, a camera inspection can be a helpful part of the process. Camera inspections can also be used to map out the location of the sewer lines and even the water lines that run through your yard. This way you don't dig down and break into a line. It also helps you plant responsibly so tree roots won't grow too close to the lines. 

5. Ensure Proper Repairs

The cause of a sewer line blockage isn't always obvious. You can keep augering a drain that is becoming constantly clogged, for example, but if the pipe is collapsing, this will only be a short-term fix and it may actually make the problem worse. Using a camera to determine the cause ensures that the proper repair method is chosen for the job.

Contact a pipeline camera inspection service if you are ready to solve drain problems on your property.