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5 Reasons To Choose Professional Water Heater Installation

It can be tempting to use a DIY method to install a water heater in an attempt to save money. This may be a false value, though, so it is usually better to opt for professional installation.

1. No Legal Concerns

There may be local legal and code restrictions when it comes to installing a new water heater. Permits are sometimes necessary, as are inspections. Skipping these may not necessarily affect you immediately, but it can have an impact if you try to sell your home later or if there is an issue with the water heater that leads to an insurance claim. Your insurance company, for example, may refuse to pay for damages if the water heater wasn't installed to code. 

2. Warranty Coverage

A new water heater will come with a warranty against any manufacturing defects, but there is often a stipulation in the warranty that it is only covered if professionally installed. Further, the installer will also likely guarantee their own installation work, which provides another layer of protection in the event you have issues with the newly installed appliance. 

3. Increased Safety

Don't dismiss safety concerns. One mistake during installation can result in safety issues, particularly with gas water heaters. Gas leaks can be deadly, as can overheating and pressure buildup in the tank that may lead to a rupture. Even electric heaters need proper installation to make sure there are no shorts that could lead to a fire risk. A pro will also make sure that safety devices are installed and working properly, such as emergency shut-off switches, pressure tanks, and overflow valves. 

4. Better Leak Protection

Water heater leaks are nothing to ignore, as they can lead to major flooding if gallons of water spill out of the full tank. A professional can determine the proper size of drain pan to install, as well as verify that the drains are properly routed into the pan. All water valves will also be checked and sealed well so that leaks don't occur at any connection point. 

5. Expert Advice

One thing you won't get if you try to DIY an installation is helpful advice from an expert, such as how to best insulate your tank and what the optimum temperature setting is for maximum energy efficiency. A professional installation means that you can get these types of advice and more, thus ensuring you get your full value from the new water heater. 

Contact a water heater installation service for more help with your new water heater.