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Consider Calling A Plumber For Help When You See These Signs Of Plumbing Trouble

Since the plumbing in your home gets a lot of use, you'll probably need the help of a plumber to occasionally deal with clogs and leaks. If a sink is clogged and you can't get it to drain again, you probably know it's time to call a plumber. Other times, the signs you need professional help may not be as obvious. Here are some times you might want to call a plumber to check your home's plumbing.

When An Area In Your Yard Has Lush Growth

If a patch of grass in your yard is suddenly growing faster than the rest of the yard and the grass is green and lush, you could have a leaking pipe under the ground. The leak might be in a water line, or it might be from a drain. Either way, you'll want a plumber to find the leak and repair it so your water bill doesn't get too high, or so toxic waste doesn't contaminate your yard.

When Your Water Pressure Drops

If your water pressure isn't strong enough, you might not have an enjoyable shower, or it might be difficult to wash vegetables or do the dishes. A loss of water pressure might be due to a bad pressure-reducing valve on your waterline. However, the problem might also be a hidden water leak that's causing water damage to your home. A plumber can determine the cause of the low water pressure and recommend a way to fix the problem.

When Your Water Has A Bad Odor

If you notice a bad odor when you run water from your sink faucet, the problem might be in the water heater. While this might not be a plumbing emergency, you want to find the cause of the odor as soon as you can so it can be removed. The solution could be to flush the water heater to get rid of bacterial buildup.

However, if you notice a sewer odor that wafts up the drains or that comes and goes in your yard or home, then the plumber might have to deal with a clogged sewer line, blocked plumbing vent, or backed up septic system.

When Your Home Has A Musty Odor

If your home smells like mold, there is likely a moisture problem somewhere. A plumbing leak is the most probable cause, and even if you have a leaky pipe somewhere, you might not see any water. A plumber can find a hidden water leak whether the problem is behind a wall or under the slab foundation.

A water leak can do a lot of expensive damage to your home, so if you notice mold growing, smell a musty odor, or see an increase in moisture-loving bugs in your home, call a plumber to help you find the leaky pipe so it can be repaired promptly.