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4 Pro Secrets To Proper Septic System Maintenance

If you bought a house with an already installed septic tank, you probably do not understand its costs. On average, you need at least a few thousand dollars to procure and install the tank. For that reason, you need to give your septic tank the best care and maintenance to avoid the cost of a reinstallation soon. 

A poorly maintained septic tank requires frequent repairs and creates a health hazard in your home. Therefore, you should learn and understand the top secrets of septic maintenance to evade these problems. Here are four essential tips trusted septic tank services want you to know:

Perform Regular Tank Pumping

It is advisable to get a service expert for the installation and maintenance of your tank if you want it to last long. Many households pump their tanks every three to five years. Regular and responsible pumping prevents the accumulation of solids, leading to premature breakdown of the system.

Since the recommended frequency of pumping depends on how your family uses the system, it is best to speak to the experts about the ideal servicing frequency.

Use Bacteria Additives

The waste in your septic tank decomposes due to the action of organic bacteria in it. However, chemicals and bathroom products can kill the tank's bacteria. As a result, they slow down the decomposition rate, which could lead to water backing up into the house.

You can fix this problem by regularly adding bacteria additives to help your system function optimally. These additives ensure that your pipes remain clean, free of smells, and effective.

Get Filters for the Effluent

Effluent filters are a fundamental part of the septic tank. They prevent solid waste from getting inside the drain field. The filters need cleaning every time you are servicing the rest of the septic system. If your system does not have a filter, speak to a septic tank technician for an installation.

Check What You Put Down the Garbage Disposal

What you put down the drain is of great importance. If you push a lot of solid waste down your garbage disposal, you will encounter frequent issues in your septic tank. Thus, you should avoid putting cooking oil, coffee grounds, and fat in your sinks.

Maintaining your septic tank in excellent condition is possible when you follow the above tips. Additionally, you should consult septic tank services when you need help with maintenance. Proper care increases the life and service of your septic tank. Contact a septic tank service to learn more.