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Why Hydro Jetting Has Become a Popular Drain Unblocking Technique

Unlike slow drains, which can be fixed with simple plumbing tools like a plunger or plumber's snake, major clogs within your residential drains require a more thorough process to repair. This is where drain cleaning companies come in. As the name suggests, these companies offer clients assistance with drain cleaning tasks. They are usually brought in to deal with blocked drains that building owners can't fix themselves.

Drain cleaning experts use a variety of specialized techniques to get your domestic drains flowing smoothly again. Hydro jetting is one such technique that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years because of the many great advantages it brings. If you want to learn about the various hydro jetting advantages, read along.

1. Unclog and Clean Your Drains

While conventional ways of clearing blocked drains may be effective at dislodging the blockage-causing debris and getting the water to flow smoothly again, they usually leave behind residue. Over time, the remaining traces of debris can build up inside the walls of the drains and cause clogs to occur again. Frustrating, isn't it?

Hydro jetting has the advantage of fully clearing a drain, flushing out all traces of debris that may be causing it to slow down or become clogged. It does not just unblock your drains but also cleans them thoroughly. When your drains are cleaned well, you don't have to worry about bad sewer odors coming from your domestic plumbing system.

2. Eliminate the Need for Destructive Chemicals

While using chemical drain cleaners is a fast and easy way to unclog your blocked drains, it is not the best way to deal with the problem. The chemicals used to make these drain cleaning products can damage your pipes and shorten their lifespan. These chemicals will also end up being released into a wastewater treatment facility and eventually into local water bodies. This can have devastating effects on public health and the environment.

Hydro jetting eliminates the need to put potentially harmful chemicals into your drains as it involves clearing out drains with high-pressure water only. As a result, it is a safe choice for your residential plumbing and the natural environment, too.

While hydro jetting can be used to unclog blocked drains, it should be undertaken as part of preventive drain maintenance. If it's a long time since you last got your residential drains cleaned or have blocked drains, schedule a drain cleaning appointment today.