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Furnace Problems Homeowners May Eventually Encounter

There are many problems that your furnace can experience, and these issues will be able to cause the home to become less comfortable and more prone to safety issues as well. Recognizing the types of problems that a furnace can experience is instrumental to helping you to keep your home warm and safe from potential furnace failures.

Inconsistent Heat Output

There are many potential causes for a furnace to have inconsistent heat output. The failure of a heating element or problems with the burner can be the most common issues that can cause this problem with a furnace. While individuals may assume that a furnace will suffer a total loss of heat production when there are problems with these systems, this is not always the case. When these problems first start to develop, the heat output from the furnace may start to fluctuate. As the issue worsens, the furnace may eventually suffer a total loss of heat production.

Squealing Sound When The Furnace Is Running

If you notice that there are squealing sounds coming from the furnace when it is running, this may indicate that there is a problem with the primary belt for the blower. This belt is essential for spinning the fan blades of the blower so that the warm air it is producing can be distributed. As it ages and suffers wear, the blower belt can start to become very worn, which can lead to it slipping while it's in operation. This can produce a loud squealing sound that you may hear throughout your home. If this problem is starting to develop with your furnace, there are furnace repair providers that will be able to replace the belt before it suffers a catastrophic failure and snaps. In addition to stopping the blower from working, the blower belt could also strike other components in the furnace with enough force to cause damage to them and this may increase the repair costs.

Unusual Smells

Foul or unusual odors coming from the furnace can be an indication that there is a problem with the heat exchanger. This can be a particularly serious problem as cracks and other damage to the heat exchanger can allow toxic fumes from the furnace's burner to start to seep into the home. If you notice these odors, the furnace should be turned off until a professional repair technician is able to inspect the furnace for signs of damage and to potentially replace the heat exchanger if it has cracked or suffered other types of damage.

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