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Plumbing Camera Tests: Can It Solve Your Plumbing Problem?

One of the most inconvenient things that can happen in your home is plumbing issues. When your plumbing system suddenly backs up, you cannot use your water. This means no bathroom access, no water in the kitchen, and no water for your lawn or landscaping. The best way to avoid this problem is to know the condition of your pipes. The best way to see your pipes is by having a professional plumber do a camera inspection. Here is what you need to know about the plumbing camera inspection process:

The Camera Enters the Access Panel

Every home's plumbing system has an access panel. This is where the camera will enter the plumbing system. The small camera is situated at the end of a flexible fiber optic cable. As the camera moves through the pipes, it sends footage to a monitor. This allows the plumber to see what is causing the problem with your plumbing.

The Plumber Examines the Problem

As the camera moves through the pipes, the plumber will examine the footage. They are looking for any breaks, obstructions, or pipes that are out of their normal position. If there is an obstruction in the pipes, the plumber will try to identify the contents of the obstruction to determine how to repair the issue. For example, if the obstruction is made up of hair, the plumber should be able to easily remove it with a plumber's snake. If there is root invasion from tree roots that are obstructing the pipes, the process to repair the problem will include removing the tree and replacing the section of damaged pipe.

After the plumber identifies the problem, they will discuss the results with you and let you know what needs to happen to deal with the problem.

The Plumber Moves Forward with Repairs

After you learn what is causing the problem with your pipes, the plumber can move forward with the repairs. If your repair includes the installation of new pipes, chances are the repair will take place on a different day. Most plumbers have a schedule to keep, and this type of issue will take a long time to finish. If the issue is more minor, the plumber may be able to take care of it right away.

 A plumber camera inspection is one of the most effective ways to quickly identify problems with plumbing. If you have any questions about how the process works and if it may help solve your plumbing problems, be sure to contact a plumber in your area to see if this service is offered.