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Signs You Need Sewer Repair And Replacement

Your sewer takes waste from your home to the local water treatment center. The sewer system relies on functional pipes. Sometimes, you may experience problems with your sewage system that require advanced services, such as repair or replacement. If you suspect problems with your sewer line, look for these signs of needing sewer repair and replacement.


Your sewage pipe takes everything you pour down your drains and toilets. Some items can accumulate in the pipe, creating a sewer line clog. Grease, oil, and fat make up the major cause of clogs. The liquid material solidifies in the pipes. They also gather other materials, such as food waste and paper, causing the clog to grow. Soon, the clog may get to the point where you notice the drain in your home moving slowly. Slow drains can lead to water stains and other water damage. If the clog gets extremely bad, you may not be able to use your drains at all.  

You have the opportunity to tend to mild clogs yourself with the help of a drain cleaner or a powered auger. Chemical drain cleaners may corrode certain pipes, so you should use them sparingly. Enzymatic drain cleaners made from natural organic organisms make a great option for plumbing maintenance before clogs develop. When drain cleaners don't work, a powered auger will slither through your pipes to attack the clog directly.

Pools of Water in Your Lawn

It can be difficult to identify a leak in your sewer line. The pipes exist underground, making them hard to examine. Furthermore, pinhole leaks are extremely difficult to see, even with the help of a sewer line camera. However, you can identify a sewer line clog if you notice pools of water on your lawn. Alternatively, the lawn may appear unusually lush in a particular area. 

Sewage Backup

One of the most unsanitary and uncomfortable problems that can arise from sewer line problems is sewage backup. If your pipes aren't functioning properly, you may experience sewage backup where waste returns back into your home. Not only does the sewage smell bad, but it can create damage to your home and even create health hazards. 

Getting Sewer Repair and Replacement

When you need sewer repair or replacement, you will need to enlist the services of a professional plumber trained in trenchless pipe installation methods. Don't forget to maintain your new pipes after installation to ensure that they don't require additional repair prematurely.

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