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4 Things That May Cause Your Water Heater To Leak

There's nothing as frustrating as dealing with water damage from a leaking water heater. Cleaning up may be a simple task, but the major issue lies in finding the source of the leak. Different issues can cause your heater to leak. Some may be easy to address, while others require the services of an experienced water repair professional. Learn more about some of the things that may result in water heater leakage in this guide. 

Your Tank Could Have A Leak 

If your water tank has a problem, you should expect water to leak from the bottom or side. This is mostly the case if you have an older tank whose inner lining has begun to rust. Corrosion occurs due to the continuous buildup of sediments in the tank. One way to tell that deposits are building up in the tank is by paying attention to knocking or popping noises. To prevent sediments from corroding your tank, ensure that you flush and drain your water tank every year. Remember that when your tank develops a leak due to corrosion, you should consider water replacement.

The Water Tank Isn't Properly Connected

For your water tank to serve you for a long time, it needs to have a proper connection. If you have recently installed your tank and the plumbing fixtures haven't been fitted correctly, expect a leakage. Your water heater plumbing fixtures can experience wear and tear due to increased pressure, among other things. If your water leaks due to loose fittings, your plumber can address the leakage by tightening them.

Your Heater Drain Valve Is Problematic

When you schedule regular maintenance checks, your repair technician will use the drain valve to drain sediments and clean the tank. Over time, this valve can become loose, and water will start to leak around it. Given that the valve isn't watertight, the best cause of action in such cases is to replace it. The valve should be closely inspected by an experienced technician who can advise on the need for repairs.   

There are Issues with the Temperature Relief valve

Most water heating appliances feature a temperature relief valve that regulates pressure by releasing water. If there's too much pressure in the valve, it will break, and water will start leaking. Sometimes, water can leak if the valve is loose. An experienced heating expert can quickly address all these issues.

A water heater ensures that hot water constantly runs through your faucet. In case of any leakages, work with an experienced plumber to ensure that the issues are addressed quickly. 

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