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Trying To Join Different Types Of PEX Plumbing? Know These Tips

Are you planning a home plumbing project that will use PEX for the pipes and need to know about joining the two types of PEX pipes together? Here are some tips that will help you take on this task on your own.

Know How To Identify PEX Plumbing

The two types of PEX plumbing that you see used in homes are PEX A and PEX B. While some types of PEX plumbing identify the style of pipe on the pipe itself, you may not always be able to do that. A good tip is to look at the fittings that are used on the pipe. PEX A uses expansion rings, where the pipe is actually stretched over a fitting, which naturally forms a seal between the two pipes. PEX B will use crimp rings on the outside, which clamp down around the pipe to form the seal.

Know How To Use An Insert Fitting

Since one pipe is clamped and the other stretches, you should be able to easily see how connecting the two pipes can be problematic. One method to join the two together is a PEX B insert fitting. You will place the insert fitting into the PEX A pipe and then crimp down on the fitting to form a tight seal. A coupling is then put over the fitting that stretches across both pipes, which is also crimped to tighten it. This forms a solid seal that will prevent water from leaking.

Know How To Use A Sharkbite Fitting

Another way to join the two types of PEX pipes is with a sharkbite fitting. The process is very similar to an insert fitting but requires a different set of tools to get the job done. It works by inserting the sharkbite fitting into both pipes and then calibrating the sharkbite crimp tool to match the size of the pipe. You then use clamp rings to form a seal on the fitting to both pipes. You then have to use a gauge to test that the size of the fitting is correct since a crimp ring that is too big will allow water to leak through.

Know How To Use A Threaded Adapter

The last option is to use a threaded adapter, which works very differently from the previous two methods. It is a special adapter that allows you to connect PEX A and PEX B to the threaded adapter using the proper methods for each type of pipe. However, the adapters are expensive and can increase the cost of your plumbing project.

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