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Professional Methods Used By A Drain Cleaning Service To Remove Any Clog

Harsh chemicals should not be poured down your drain. This includes chemicals that are designed to clear difficult clogs. You might try your hardest to remove the clog with a plunger, but nothing seems to free your drain of the clog. But a professional drain cleaning service will be able to remove even the most difficult clogs with cabling or hydro jetting.

How Cabling Works

Cabling, also referred to as snaking, is a drain-cleaning method that uses an auger that is fed into the drain. The auger is then twisted until the clog in your drain is dislodged. The plumber will continue to work on the drain until they have verified that the clog has been completely removed. 

The Drain Snake

For the drain snake to be effective, it must be very long so that the tip of the snake, a spring shaped like a corkscrew, can reach the clog and penetrate it. The drain snake is not very expensive, but it's risky to use a drain snake on your pipes yourself. When not used correctly, a drain snake can cause damage to a pipe. 

The drain snake places a surprising amount of stress on your pipe because the drum of the drain snake locks into place when the end of the snake pushes against an obstruction. This causes the cable to turn and twists the corkscrew spring until the clog has been dislodged.

The object that is clogging your drain might become stuck on the screw and the plumber might then be able to pull it out of the drain. This is handy if you accidentally flushed a piece of jewelry down the drain and it got stuck.

When a Drain Snake Isn't Enough

Sometimes, the drain snake is not effective and the drain cleaning service might instead use hydro-jetting. This process involves using a powerful stream of water to dislodge the clog. Once the force of the pressurized water removes the clog, the water rinses the debris away so that your drain will be rinsed out completely. Because it only uses water, this method doesn't leave behind harsh chemicals.

Hydro-jetting might be the better method overall because it will not only remove the existing clog but will also remove the years of scale and grease that have built up in your pipes. If tree roots have infiltrated your pipes, hydro jetting will remove the tree roots as well. However, hydro-jetting needs to be done carefully so that you do not damage the pipes.

To have your system cleaned, contact a drain cleaning service in your area.