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Why Is My Washer Leaking?

If your washer develops a leak, it may not wash your clothes properly and the leak can cause water damage in your laundry room. Whether you have a pinhole leak or a large leak, you should address the issue immediately before it gets worse. While you should go to a professional for repairs, it can be helpful if you know the cause of the leak. Learn more about why your washer is leaking by reading below. 

1. No Sealant

Your washer connects to a cold water supply and a hot water supply. When you connect the hoses, you need to apply plumber's tape or another approved sealant around the threads to prevent the water from leaking through. You will need to do this every time you connect new hoses to your washer. 

2. Faulty Valve

When you connect hoses to the cold water supply and hot water supply, they will most likely include valves that make it easy to turn the incoming water on or off. You will use the valves to stop water after you discover the leak. Sometimes, old valves get clogged with debris and fail to work properly. You may be able to clean the valves or replace the sealant under them, but you may want to replace the valves instead. 

3. Leak in the Hose

Your leak may not occur at a connection but instead somewhere along the hose. Hoses may develop a leak when they experience trauma or get old. You'll need to run the water to locate the location of the leak. While you can create a temporary repair using waterproof patches or tape, you should ultimately replace the hoses to prevent leaks in the future. 

4. Broken Drain Pump 

The drain pump in your washer helps move water from the washer into your utility sink in your laundry room or outside. When the pump fails, it won't be able to move the water properly. Therefore, it may accumulate and spill out of your washer since it isn't being removed as expected. You will need to have a professional plumber come to replace the drain pump for you. 

When your washer develops a leak, it can be a serious inconvenience. Get yourself back up and running as quickly as possible by leaving it in the hands of the professionals. Contact your local plumber to set up a repair appointment today. If your washer is well over 10 years old, ask about the benefits of buying a new one.