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Commercial Water Heater—Optimal Maintenance Steps To Remember

Some commercial buildings rely heavily on water heaters, especially those in the hospice industry. If your business depends on one too, here are some maintenance suggestions that can keep your heating system in phenomenal shape. 

Turn the Water Heater Off Before Maintenance

You may be eager to get to maintenance for your commercial property's water heater but shut the system off entirely before you do anything. If you don't and allow it to run as you perform maintenance steps, some parts will be scorching and there's a chance of burning yourself. Whereas if you shut the system off and allow the water heater to cool, there isn't a chance of burns and other accidents. All you need to do is locate the shutoff valve on your water heater and turn it in the right direction. 

Deal With Sediment Buildup 

Sediment buildup is a possibility for your water heater's tank. Usually, it happens over time as minerals settle to the bottom. If they build up too much, however, your tank may not perform as great as it used to and that's not optimal. If your water heater makes a rumbling sound, has cloudy water, or doesn't create hot water consistently, these are all signs of excessive sediment buildup. The best solution is flushing the tank and adding new water. 

Promptly Repair Leaks 

Since your commercial water heater deals with water, leaks are a possibility at some point. They won't cause you a bunch of stress if you promptly repair them. When you see water dripping from any part of your water heater, address it to prevent severe water damage. Some parts are more prone to leaks, including the drain valve, connections, and seals. Check out these parts often and respond if you see water coming from them. 

Select the Right Service Provider 

It's wise to have your water heater serviced by a professional at least once a year. However, you want to ensure your service provider is well-versed in commercial water heaters. If they are, then you can trust that your water heater inspections will be thorough and performed at the perfect intervals. Whatever is wrong with your commercial water heater, the service provider will fix them before long. 

Your commercial building probably has a lot of essential appliances, but if a water heater is near the top of your list, do your best to perform optimal maintenance steps. The more you care about maintenance, the fewer complications you'll face. 

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