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How Do You Know Your Boiler Ought To Be Replaced?

If your boiler has stopped working completely, then it doesn't necessarily mean you need a new water heater installation. Many boiler faults can be sorted out without the need for a complete replacement thanks to a straightforward water heater repair. Nevertheless, regular maintenance of your boiler won't mean it will last forever even though it may prolong its lifespan. How do you know that a new water heater installation is going to be needed to keep your home warm in the colder months of winter? Read on to find out.

Boiler Age

The expected lifespan of a boiler differs from model to model. However, if your water heater is too old, then it is likely that the cost of keeping it well-maintained is only going to go up with each passing year. Even if an old boiler is working, the chances are that a new installation is going to become more and more favorable. Newer models are more efficient, so a new water heater installation for an aging boiler can make economic sense even before you start to suffer from other problems associated with older models.

Increasingly Frequent Repairs

If you need more frequent repairs than you used to for your water heater, then it could be a sign that some internal components are wearing out. Although continuing to repair your boiler may still make sense, this is an indication that a full replacement with a new water heater installation might be imminent. Ideally, you will opt for a new installation before your old boiler gives up so you are not left without hot water in the depths of winter.

Increasing Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bills have been rising with no corresponding increase in the unit price of your energy or an upturn in the usage of your boiler, then this is a tell-tale sign that your water heater's efficiency is declining. Older boilers often have to work harder to provide the same amount of heating capacity whether you are running a shower or heating your home. If so, you can expect higher energy consumption and, therefore, larger utility bills.

Inconsistent Heating

When a boiler is struggling to maintain consistent room temperatures throughout an entire central heating system, it is likely that the water heater needs to be replaced. A properly functioning boiler ought to deliver consistent levels of heat throughout your property regardless of how far each radiator is away from the water heater. Although trapped air can sometimes account for this problem, it is also a reasonably common sign that a water heater installation is in the cards.