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Understanding Air Conditioner (AC) Repair

An air conditioner (AC) is an electrical device used to remove heat and moisture by cooling the room's air. It takes the hot air from a room, cools it down with a refrigerant and a series of coils, and returns the cooled air. There are three main functionalities of air conditioners in a modern house. The first function is to cool the environment in the house. The seco

Why Do You Need A Perc Test And What Happens If You Fail?

If you're installing a new septic system, you'll typically need to perform a percolation (perc) test on your property. This test evaluates the condition of your soil for a critical part of your septic system: the leach field. The leach field is the final stage in your waste disposal pathway, and the drain tiles in the field allow effluent to disperse into the surround

If Your Plumbing Is Backing Up More And More Frequently, You May Need A Sewer Inspection

Having a toilet or tub not drain after using it can be extremely irritating, perhaps beaten only by having it occur multiple times. If you've gone from your plumbing working normally to gradually refusing to drain or backing up more and more, there's a good chance that the problem is something that's beyond your toilet or interior piping. Here's why you may need to ge

You Can Smell Gas: What Are Your Next Steps?

Natural gas is a clean, highly-efficient fuel for powering numerous appliances, but it can also pose a severe danger to both your property and your life. Because of the hazards, it is critical to treat natural gas with the respect that it deserves. While gas-fired appliances are generally safe, leaks in your plumbing can develop due to physical damage or even improper

Factors That Would Put Your Residential Plumbing Hardware At An Increased Risk Of Leaks

If there is a system in your home that is used multiple times a day, every single day, throughout the year, it must be your plumbing system. From washing dishes, prepping groceries, hand washing, showering, cooking, and so much more, not having running water in your home can be a massive inconvenience for your household. Yet, in spite of this undeniable reliance on th