The Essential Plumbing Resource For Homeowners

The Essential Plumbing Resource For Homeowners

What If You've Been Putting Grease Down Your Drains?

Have you been putting grease down your drains? People are often advised not to do this. Plumbers mention it when they install plumbing, and many landlords tell their tenants not to put grease down the drains. But maybe this advice got past you—or you have a teenage son or daughter who didn't know any better than to put grease down the drain. What should you do? Well,

How Do You Know Your Boiler Ought To Be Replaced?

If your boiler has stopped working completely, then it doesn't necessarily mean you need a new water heater installation. Many boiler faults can be sorted out without the need for a complete replacement thanks to a straightforward water heater repair. Nevertheless, regular maintenance of your boiler won't mean it will last forever even though it may prolong its lifesp

Commercial Water Heater—Optimal Maintenance Steps To Remember

Some commercial buildings rely heavily on water heaters, especially those in the hospice industry. If your business depends on one too, here are some maintenance suggestions that can keep your heating system in phenomenal shape.  Turn the Water Heater Off Before Maintenance You may be eager to get to maintenance for your commercial property's water heater but shu

3 Essential Diagnostic Tips For A Leaking Water Heater

Water heater failures come in a few categories, but leaks can be some of the most frustrating and damaging. A leaking water heater might make a small puddle or produce a large flood that can damage your basement and ruin nearby equipment. Since water heater tanks can contain a lot of water, shutting off the supply won't always immediately solve the problem. Once you s

4 Solutions A Plumber Can Offer To Prevent Your Backflow Prevention Assembly From Low-Pressure Problems

Backflow prevention assemblies are essential for protecting your home's plumbing system from potentially contaminated water. The system works by preventing water from being siphoned back into the main lines, which could cause various health and safety issues. Malfunctions in the system, like low pressure, can cause water pressure to drop, resulting in blocked pipes, d